Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Perfection Shouldn't Matter So Much

I thought it'd be fun to do a video showing you how to make a simple chain necklace with a couple charms and a dangling bead. Technology got in the way so I'm still working out some camera glitches, but never fear! I will persevere!

Before I put it up though, I wanted to tell you my... er, unusual method of working and my scant amount of tools. When I first launched Birdcage Bohemia, I had a little quote I liked to use because it described what I do so perfectly.

"Where do you get your inspiration?"
"Poverty and imagination."

Like I said in Meet Beatrice, I had piles of vintage jewelry lying around. I went to the store and bought a cheapie set of jewelry pliers: a chain-nose, a round-nose, and wire-cutters. Super cheap, not high quality or anything. But I tell you, they have served me so well. So well that I'm still using them. Do I wish I had a fancy schmancy set of stainless steel tools with cushy grips and a swank holder for them? Of course, I am human after all. Do I really need it? No, not at all. 

Using vintage jewelry gives me a lot of flexibility. As in, nothing has to be perfect. If it was perfect, it won't look right. Perfection is not the point. I have no patience for it, actually. It's tedious and never looks like it should. Be imperfect! Find those flaws and celebrate them! The jewelry is all the more warm and beautiful for it. Plus, I love how the limitations vintage jewelry give challenged me and my creativity. I am a firm believer that one can create something far more beautiful using finite resources rather than having all the choices in the world laid out at her feet. Wouldn't it be overwhelming to have so many choices? 

I should also mention I am entirely self-taught. I didn't even once pull up a YouTube video to learn a method in the beginning. It wasn't until I randomly picked up a jewelry making book when I realized that some of my technique were rather unorthodox. Did I immediately change what I did? Nah, old habits die hard, and besides, my work hasn't failed me yet so why screw around with a good thing? So if you happen to see me demonstrating something entirely different than what "it should be," please don't blow up my comment box with, "You're wrong! You are so TOTALLY WRONG! I am never buying jewelry from you again!" Just, um, don't buy jewelry and go on your merry way. Thanks.

I guess my point is, some people completely psych themselves out when they want to learn something new or start a project. They research techniques and buy supplies and drive themselves up the wall thinking they're doing it all wrong anyway. In my case, ignorance was complete, total, beautiful bliss. Just do it, half-ass it, learn, make mistakes, and yes, quit if it actually makes you angry. Nothing wrong with that!

Do you have a similar story you want to share? I want to hear it. Let's let people know they can do whatever they like however they like and not be so scared.

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