Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet Beatrice of Birdcage Bohemia!

Meet Beatrice (me!) and get a quick introduction to what Birdcage Bohemia is all about.

Yes, feel free to laugh. I was a complete dork in this, but I'm hoping that with a little bit of practice, these videos will have a lot less "Umm..." and "And..." and "Soo...."'s. So if you get through this, bravo!

You can also find this permanently on display in the About & Policies Section of my website for more laughs.

But now that this introduction video is out of the way, get ready for some tutorials and... I guess whatever else strikes mine or your fancy, meaning you can totally ask me to do a video answer if you like.

Best part? It's captioned for those who need them! :)

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