Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Under Construction - Upcoming Plans

Website is Under Construction

I met with the prolifically talented Rod Flauhaus (see his gorgeous photography work here) to discuss the progress of the new website. It is looking absolutely gorgeous, just beautiful, and there is no bias at all, I swear! I am really excited to unveil it and to show it off like a proud mommy and her child. So hopefully, you've been sticking around, checking up while the birds work behind the scenes to set up the stage.

As always you can shop the small, select collections at my Etsy shops: Birdcage Bohemia for jewelry and LaCaravaneBoheme for vintage apparel. (Click or see full links below.)

But in the meantime, I wanted to update you on what plans are in the wings for the brand new Birdcage Bohemia. I'm working hard on setting up a fabulous giveaway of a vintage scarf of your choosing. You will be able to select your favorite and have a piece of Southern California vintage goodness if you win! I found all my scarves at the best vintage boutique right on the water in Huntington Beach outside of L.A. Can you really get much better than that?

I'm also organizing my blog posts, finding interesting, relevant information to pass on to you, and discovering topics that would provoke discussion and pensive thinking. Or I hope it will. It will all be found here once the website goes live. I plan to talk about topics ranging from personal style, to how to wear a scarf in a way that flatters you, to vegetarian cooking, to living life in a way that makes you feel good about it, and other daily musings that we all think about. In short, it'll be a lifestyle blog dedicated to good living, finding luxury on a budget, eco-friendly tips, and making yourself and your home feel beautiful and comfortable. Now, if you think you have something to offer and would love to write a contributing post, please contact me at and I'd love to see what you come up with! Guest posts are welcome.


Fly Free - Beatrice

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Find Joy in Your Life

All the joys in life can't be measured by any tangible means. You feel joy, it grows, it encompasses you and you are just joyful!

Increase your joy for Birdcage Bohemia in the time leading up to the unveiling of our brand new Birdcage, I mean website. I thought I'd offer you a tiny little incentive just so you can treat yourself to something pretty. Again, that is also one of the joys found in life, other than finding something perfect at the right price.

There is a sale going on over at the Birdcage Etsy shop, but for a limited time, I'd like to offer you free shipping! Visit and just enter in the coupon code: JOYOFLIFE11 in the proper space during checkout. The items are already marked down so free shipping awaits for the proper password.

That's not all, though (cue cheesy infomercial music) if you order in the next five minutes, we'll QUADRUPLE YOUR ORDER! Oh, wait, all the jewelry is one of a kind...

Oh! How about this? 20% off all vintage clothing and accessories? Oooh yes, fall's a-coming and your wardrobe needs updating, trust me. Got some coats and pretty wool skirts for you to flip around in paired with turtleneck sweaters and high heeled boots. Mary Tyler Moore is very right now, just ask the fans of Mad Men. Visit and type in VINTAGEJOY20 in the coupon code section. Voila, more vintage bang for your buck.

You're welcome.

Now get shopping, just like birds migrating south, these offers are going to flutter away if you don't act fast. And as always, website is still under construction but my Etsy shops are still open for business, click the photos on the right side of the screen to visit the respective shops and have fun!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birdcage is Being Rebuilt... Still

Website is Under Construction

Dear Eager Shoppers,

The glorious website of Birdcage Bohemia is currently under construction. However, there is nothing to fear for there is a small collection of offerings available on my two Etsy shops. Check back here often for new updates or follow Birdcage Bohemia on Facebook:

You can peruse through a liluputin catalog of re-vintaged jewelry here:

Or riffle through a rack of vintage clothing here:

Or just simply look at the pictures below and click on whatever beauties appeal to you. It will take you directly to the respective shop.

Fly Free!