Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yoga Tales of Discomfit

Embarrassing yoga stories. We all have them. My sweaty palms have betrayed me a few too many times. Come out, damned sweat, out! A reader and fellow yogi had her own tale of discomfit to offer up. Let's just say, turn off the television set, we have a wardrobe malfunction!

Ms. Kathryn of Kate's Spot:

Let me preface this by saying that I passionately love yoga. It is my most favorite form of exercise. Since I had my daughter, I have mostly been practicing on my own at home, but in the spring and summer of 2010 I was regularly attending evening classes at Lifesource in Fairlawn. A particular male instructor (Roger, or Robert I think?) offered a class that I just loved. Intense, challenging, and after a few weeks I really, really mastered it.

Now, I am not sure if you are familiar with Lifesource, but at the time it was a very popular studio. However, it was the size of your average suburban living room. And they never seemed to close the classes. We would literally be piled on top of each other to the point that it was probably almost dangerous. I made a point of getting there early for class so I could put myself kind of in the middle. Close enough so that I could still see, but not so close that I was right in front. The reason I did not want to be right in front was a particular guy in the class. When I first started going, he was there with his girlfriend, but at the time I stopped he was coming alone. Now, I am all about yoga classes being accepting and freeing and all that, but this guy took it a step too far. He would strip down to simply his short-shorts and was quite possibly the hairest man I have ever laid eyes on. And he would grunt and groan and sweat... It was unreal.

One Tuesday night I was running a little late. Too late to get my usual spot. So I was stuck in a corner. The mirror dead in front of me, the wall to my right, and on my left was sweaty, hairy, groany guy. The class was packed as usual, and we were just way, way too close. Now again, that is kind of a given in yoga and just kind of goes with the territory.

Then, I had to do Triangle pose. And I. Saw. Everything. That kind of pushed the limits for me! I was so freaked out that I never went back to that class. Like I said, yoga teaches you to be accepting and sweat and being a little close for comfort comes with the territory. But I was NOT prepared to get the full monty right in the middle of class!

Needless to say, Ms. Kathryn never went back to that particular studio again. The moral of the story? Make sure all your bouncy bits are securely strapped in, your seat is upright, your tray down, and enjoy your class!

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