Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beach Bums

I could quite literally turn into a beach bum if I was allowed but fortunately? there are a few people in my life who who *ahem* expects me to actually do something with my life. What a concept! But no, I'm glad that I'm being held accountable. If I actually ran away with my imagination, I'll likely end up flat broke with a faulty retro camper for which I've been completely ripped off and no friends. Thanks guys, for ensuring that I am not in above situation.

I can, however, pretend to be a functioning beach bum for one single weekend for my birthday. And that's exactly what I did. It did not unfortunately deter me from wishing I could be in above described situation because as woeful as it sounds, it has a certain romance to it. At the very least, it'd make a best-selling memoir.

A group of my dearest friends and myself scrambled for a spot at first-come-first-served beach campsite, Sara's Campground, in Erie, PA. Granted that it's a lake and not the crashing oceanside everyone usually envisions, it does not make it any less beautiful. And imagine, I finally saw the sun set over the waterfront of my childhood. Just the thought that I can experience something new with something I've known for my entire life gives me hope. Hope that life will constantly be changing when you're not looking.

Myself overlooking the strong men setting up camp - Sara's Campground on Lake Erie

Doing an extraordinarily good job of being a beach bum

The moon making its final goodbye over the calm tide in the dawn

I just want to say thank you to the universe for giving me an unforgettable experience and a beautiful way to celebrate my birthday with almost all my good friends. I've missed a few of you, sadly. However, there'll be many more birthdays and many more beachside bumming!

On a final note, can we just admire this fire pit we adorned with flat stones and finished off with a fancy little patio. I mean really, genius! That is, until we realized all the stones were keeping the air the fire needed to sustain itself, but it was nothing a few Jenga-style rock removal fixed!

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