Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yoga, Confessions, and Marilyn.

Yoga, yoga, yoga has been on my mind and rightly so. I guess I might as well just put it out there, I'm going to train to be a yoga instructor this year. If all goes well, by December, I'll be a real, bona fide yoga teacher (with a job, hopefully.) I'm super-excited and have yet to shut up about it. You'd think I'm already an instructor now, the way I talk.

Lest I get ahead of myself, I need to make one tiny little confession. While I'm a huge yoga fanatic, (I will tell you that yoga is the answer to all your problems. Then, I'll trap you until you admit that "yes, yes, yoga will solve your problems." Sorry about leaving my fingerprinted red marks on your wrist, but hey! There's a yoga move that can help that!) I've been to only a handful of actual yoga classes.

Gasp! Sacrilege!

Yeah, I know. It's terrible. It's practically hypocritical, but Hulu and YouTube are free and actual classes... are not. Besides, it's a little bit nerve-wracking to face going into a class and confronting all these yoga snobs. Damn yoga snobs. And here I am, planning to teach 'em. What's wrong with me? My logic is screwed up. (I can sense my boyfriend agreeing. Shh.) Anyway, I decided to go to one at my local Rec Center last week and boy, that was an interesting experience.

I got there just before class began and everyone was all set up in a dim, eerily quiet room. Of course, just as I walked in, I realized I completely forgot my yoga mat. Facepalm moment. Could I have looked any more like a yoga newbie? Once I got all set up, the class began. It was led by an older Indian man which made me all giddy. A yoga session led by a man who hailed from the birthplace of it all? Yes! Sadly, I was disappointed. Though it was really nice that he demonstrated each asana along with us, they were very watered-down and simple. This wasn't a beginner's class, mind you, but I was hoping to learn a new vinyasa or asana or something

Then, we began a downward dog sequence. I was so worked up (read: embarrassed) from the whole yoga mat fiasco that my palms started to sweat. Needless to say, the 8 (eight!) downward dogs were excruciating. My hands would slide forward at 50 mph each time and nothing I did fixed it. I wiped my hands on my pants over and over again, I turned my mat around, I flipped it, nothing... worked. And all the while, I'm trying, and failing, to not create a ruckus. I was so ready to bail. Finally, they were over and we moved on. The relief was so great that my palms dried out, instantly. Awesome.

Luckily, for every bad, there is a good. I spoke with the instructor afterwards and he complimented my form. Yes! Score one for Beatrice.

It goes to show you that it doesn't matter if you're really experienced or a complete newbie, you're going to have some crazy moments in a yoga session. I've learned you just embrace it and move on. And bring chalk for your hands if you're me.

Also, another random and very cool yoga fact, Marilyn Monroe was also a yoga fanatic. There exists a collection of about 21 photos of Miss Monroe in various asanas, some are actual while others are clearly beauty poses but positioned in such a way that it's obvious she is experienced in yoga training. As always, she is absolutely gorgeous. Check them out here: Marilyn Monroe Does Yoga.

Did you have an embarrassing moment or a funny story about a yoga class? Share them below!