Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Perspective on Global Warming

I found this and just had to share:

At first, I thought, "Cool!" then I realized the implications of that. I know there are people out there who don't believe in global warming (why?) but it's hard to deny the evidence has been piling up for a long time. I won't get into that quite just yet, but it's coming.

Granted everyone hears the same things: the Arctic ice cap is melting, glaciers are disappearing, general temperatures are rising, warmer than average months are breaking records, etc., etc., etc., which is why I love this new perspective on global warming. Most of the millenials and the generations after (i.e. those born between early 80's through early 2000's) have pretty much never experienced a colder than average month. That includes me. Is it bad I'm secretly happy because I hate winter? Anyway, just because I hate snow doesn't mean I'm jumping for joy that we're all becoming warmer and warmer.

We have all become comfortable with the idea of global warming. We hear about it nearly every day. We know that waste of any kind contributes to global warming; for most of us, recycling and finding environmentally-friendly products is second nature. However, there's a line and it seems like that unless we all move into grass-thatched huts and figure out how to create heat without wasting resources, it can seem like a battle with no defeat.

I didn't write this to make you feel like shit, though I certainly am feeling a bit down while posting this. Just think of it this way, if there weren't such a great movement towards saving the environment and halting global warming, imagine how much worse off we'd be right now. The only thing we can do is continue to do the little things to improve our efforts. 

They can be as simple as:
  1. Covering your pots while cooking to save energy needed to prepare food.
  2. Buying energy efficient appliances when it's time to replace them.
  3. Using the washing machine and dishwasher only when it's completely full.
  4. Recycling in your home and outside. (So easy to toss that paper coffee cup.)
  5. Planting a tree, a plant, anything.
  6. Buy locally whether it's food, household goods, or anything else.
  7. Eat less meat. (You knew that was coming.)
  8. Try to reduce the amount of heat you use whether it's heating your home or heating your shower.
A simple Google search for "little things to prevent global warming" will yield tons of ideas and tips that will help you live better and breathe easier.

It's not hopeless and the more we're aware of what we need to do and the more we encourage others to do the same- whether they're believers in global warming or not (again, why?)- the more we're likely to make a difference. I am a vegetarian because I believe in animal rights. An animal shouldn't die just so I could have a meal, especially since there are tons of other things I can eat that are just as nutritious and satisfying. People would tell me that being one single vegetarian in a "world" of meat-eaters isn't going to make a difference. For me, though, the fact that one less cow is eaten because of me makes all the difference. If we could all see things the same way about global warming, vegetarianism, whatever you prefer, it will make a huge difference, whether other people say so or not.

What do you do to combat global warming and help the environment?


  1. Great post Beah! A lot of people like to turn a blind eye to this because they figure it really won't affect them during their lifetime. If everyone made small changes, it would have a huge impact. You may be interested in these articles too....

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you feel the same way. I agree, small changes are easy to do and would have a great impact. Thanks for the link too!