Monday, March 12, 2012

Moving Jenga

Whoever said that moving is up there with some of life's biggest stresses was not lying. My head is reeling with all the things that we still need to get done. What do we need to get? What are we forgetting? What could possibly happen next? Is that a scratch on the hardware floor that we put a hefty security deposit on? It's obvious, though, that it's not life-ending; people don't fall over dead from the stress of moving, so we will get through this... I think. I do have to say (read: brag a bit... a lot) that my boyfriend and I handled everything quite swimmingly. Aside from me yelling at him for kicking around a box of wine glasses, we made it through Moving: Phase I with nary a snipe or raised voices.

Our next test of Moving Jenga is coming today with a trip to IKEA. Someone once said that in order to find out if your significant other is "The One," you should take a trip through IKEA with him or her. We've got this one under our belts though as I recall a trip a few years past where my dearly beloved hurt his back and I proceeded to push him around the entire store in a borrowed wheelchair. (Ahem...)

Don't get me wrong, I'm so freaking excited about this. It's about time too. I was in very real danger of becoming one of those adult children who mooch off their parents for the rest of their lives. (And as evidenced by recent interactions with said parents, I doubt the mooching will end anytime soon. Welcome to parenthood, you never leave.)

Here are a couple (blurry) photos of our pretty new townhouse, I'll post more later along with details!

View from the dining room towards the front door. Love the faux fireplace and all those arches!

People have commented on the super-shiny hardware floors. All I can say is one can be overzealous with polish.
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Update: After about seven hours of nonstop shopping, doubling back, and resisting urges to just collapse on the floor and pass out, we made it and kicked IKEA's ass. Photos of our booty will be coming soon...

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