Wednesday, March 21, 2012

House to Home on a Budget

We're young, vegetarian, self-unemployed, driving a set of His and soon-to-be-Hers Prii(?) and surprise, surprise, we're on a budget. Who isn't these days? Even if one had disposable income, it's still necessary to tighten the purse strings wherever possible.

So how do you fill up a house and make it a home on a small budget? That's what we're about to find out. So far, I think we've been doing well. I'll admit, we dropped the ball happily splurged on getting dishes and cups, but they are pretty amazing. Other than that, we (or rather, I, because I'm the only one with enough patience to shop for all our stuff) have been shopping around and comparing prices as best we can without losing our sanity. There has been quite a few returns as we keep finding things better or cheaper than what we originally bought, so I guess my number one rule is: Keep your receipts. 

The dishes and cups that were worth every penny

The second rule: Go to IKEA. 

Those of you who's been there understand what I'm saying. Those of you who haven't been, just go, right now. (Northeast Ohio dwellers, the closest is in Pittsburgh.) You can get all the necessities without paying big bucks. They have a whole cookware set for about $50, wooden spatulas for .49, galvanized steel shelves for $15, a toilet brush for .99... you get the idea. And the stuff is cute! Mad cute. 

Case in point, all our bathroom stuff were found at IKEA:

The third and most exciting rule: Repurpose and get crafty. 

We've had a few donations to help furnish our homes. Rugs, a loveseat, some chairs, and the like and we've been lucky that no one managed to foist some ugly stuff on us. So thank you to all our friends and families who have been so generous with us whether it be in time, labor, and/or items. 

That said, there's a few stuff that needs sprucing up. Right now, I'm focusing on these four chairs. They've been in my family for ages and it looks like they'll continue to be in my family for ages. The seats pop out and recovering them is so easy with a staple gun and some creative finesse. I'm thinking a pretty deep red fabric for the seats. (Inspired by a jewel red recycled glass vase from Spain.) I wasn't going to change the wood color since they match the top of this table pretty well, but I am open to suggestions. What do you think?

Well, this house-to-home-on-a-budget journey is going to be interesting; but I think I can make it work. Did you move to a new place on a tiny budget? What did you do to make your house a home?

Leave your answers and suggestions in the comments below!

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